The Clarion

During my time at Madison College, I participated in the college newspaper where I managed to land my first managerial role as design director. The next year, I interviewed and was chosen by a panel to be The Clarion's editor-in-chief. Before the year started, I took it upon myself–with the help of the student advisor and managing editor–to redesign the entire publication from head-to-toe.

Below are some of the page designs, illustrations and written articles that I contributed to. In most cases, I did the page designs and illustrations by myself (16 pages, twice monthly) and the editorial staff wrote the content (woohoo, delegation!). In total, there were ~100 people that contributed over the course of the 2012-2013 school year!


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Graphic Design, UI/UX, Front-End Development


Graphic Design, UI/UX, Front-End Development


Graphic Design, UI/UX, Front-End Development

iTunes Redesign

Graphic Design, UI/UX

The Clarion

Graphic Design, Page Layout, Copy Editing

Logo Design

Graphic Design, Branding