I've known the owner of Codecov for some time, and was around during the baby stages of the application. The owner needed a simple but understandable design for his website to market the product, which was a static analysis tool. He needed a homepage that was branded to his needs, and also a logo and color palette that helped it stand apart from the sea of blue usually found in the software world.

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Project Goals

We wanted to design, develop, and QA the final version of the marketing page within about a month. His business goal at the time was to provide a friendly, personable, and reliable looking product to the development world. He felt confident in his product due to its immense flexibility, so the marketing had to reflect that. As a one-man operation, he also wanted to show something that felt fun and homegrown.


This was one of my first projects that I saw from concept to implementation. For concept and design, I used Illustrator. To develop, I used Ember CLI, SCSS, and Bootstrap. We used Github as a review medium while the project was developed publicly. Due to the simple nature of the effort, no JavaScript was needed.



Logo Design

codecov white logo
codecov primary logo


codecov responsive mobile
codecov desktop

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