iTunes Redesign

Like most, I have a love-hate relationship with Apple's most famous application. Truthfully, it's my least favorite in their app ecosystem, primarily due to its overbundled and confusing interface. I created a solution prior to their 12.0 release which brought iTunes' more usable sidebar UI back.

Project Goals

  • Uncomplicate general navigation / user experience.
  • Use Apple's design language to fit it within the ecosystem.
  • Create a matching icon set to fit the new interface (this was mostly for fun).
  • Finish within a day.


Wireframes and iconography were created in Illustrator, everything else designed in Sketch, and prototyped in Marvel. Oh, and thoughts recorded and direction planned using the best text editor ever.

Concept & Wireframes

itunes wireframe 1

With each pass of wireframes, I started to get a better understanding of the layout I wanted. I chose a layout that both contained the content best and created the most usable experience (this would change during prototyping as noted below).

itunes wireframe 1

itunes wireframe 1

I felt with the above established, it was time to start building a simple mock-up at mid-high fidelity.

NOTE: Since I'm building under the premise that I'm in the macOS' design language, it seemed unnecessary to explore UI styles. I found a great macOS UI kit for Sketch which made getting started much faster.


The set is heavily influenced by iOS' design style. Again, the goal here was to stay (believably) within Apple's design language. I did add some personal flare, though, for the sake of it being a personal project.

itunes wireframe 1

Interface Design

Once the final design / UX / UI was more-or-less settled, I started to fill out more screens to reflect how navigation might work in a prototype. As a result of this experiment, several pieces of the UI changed. Here's the final design:

itunes music list view
itunes music tile view
itunes movies view
itunes playlists
itunes store
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